About us-Covenant Kids Creche ,Pre Primary Learning Centre,Verulam,Durban

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Covenant Kids Creche ,Pre Primary Learning Centre,Verulam,Durban

Raising up Champions

About us

Covenant Kids Creche and Pre Primary was established with the aim of providing quality education to children across our local Community. To this end, Covenant Kids focuses on a variety of co-curricular as extra-curricular activities apart from paying strong attention to the academic requirements of our students. Covenant Kids has a strict policy of only hiring experienced teachers, ensuring the highest standards of education and mentoring.

We pride ourselves in early childhood development and understand that development at this tender age is through fun and play, whilst we install Life skills, Maths and Language skills.

The school is equipped with all the facilities that one would need to ensure the best exposure to core academic concepts and practices to Learners With well-equipped classrooms offering a variety of books, educational toys and other learning material, Covenant Kids ensures variety in education while ensuring steady focus on enhancing the potential of each of all our Children.

Along with outside play and other facilities for physical instruction and recreation, Covenant Kids also offers extra curicular activities as part of the schooling program from the 2nd Term.

Our History
Covenant Kids was established by Darshana Munilall, a visionary educator, who realized that it was never enough to just complete syllabi and declare learners ready for the world. Her vision of education as a world-changing force came out of this realization. Unless learners were prepared to become better rounded individuals, education would have failed in its duty. Covenant Kids was founded to create a center for quality all-round education.

If you are looking for a world-class education for your child in Durban, Verulam, Covenant Kids is perhaps one of the best places to look up. For details about our admission process and other details, please get in touch with us.

Our Curriculum
Covenant Kids follows the CAPS curiculum. Over the years, we examined various syllabi for their ability to offer the best to our Learners, and decided to affiliate ourselves with CAPS.

Apart from the core syllabus, however, Covenant Kids has made significant additions to the curriculum in terms of compulsory extra- and co-curricular activties, apart from mandatory visits to the computer lab where our young learners start inacting with Technology.

Our Facility
Covenant Kids prides itself on its facilty. All of our teachers are experienced in childcare. Experience levels range from 2 years  to over 10 years.The school operates under the direction of Principal D Munilall.

For more details about our facility, and to arrange a visit to our school, please contact us.

Safety Setup
Our students are as important to us as they are to you. We understand the need to keep a steady look-out for their well being, and have in place a setup that ensures that any unforeseen event can be handled efficiently. Covenant Kids maintains its own  medical and sick room fully-stocked first aid kit for the common ailments that affect children.